Voter ID Laws Could Keep 10 Million Hispanics Home On Election Day

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Photo: flickr/whiteafrican

The stated goal might have been curbing voter fraud, but voting regulations recently passed in several states may also cut down the Hispanic vote by 10 million, according to a study released Monday.The Hispanic community, the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., accounts for more than 8 per cent of registered voters.

So, the absence of those voters could prove to be a momentous swing in favour of Mitt Romney, the study said.

Civil rights group Advancement Project, which carried out the study, cited new photo identification laws, proof-of-citizenship requirements, and last-minute efforts to remove non-citizens from voter records as causes for the potential loss of the Hispanic vote.

20-three states currently have one or more of these legal barriers that, the group claims, affect Hispanic participation.

Proponents of the new voting laws claim they are there simply to prevent voter fraud, while critics say the laws limit participation from groups that traditionally vote Democrat, Reuters reported.

Polls show nationwide show 70 per cent of Hispanics favour Obama while 30 per cent favour Romney, according to Reuters.

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