Sarah Silverman Goes On Four-Letter Tirade Over Voter ID

Sarah Silverman

Photo: Youtube/Sarah Silverman

Appearing in a short film published to YouTube on Thursday, comedian Sarah Silverman attempts to explain why 12 states have passed laws that require voters present photo identification before casting a ballot.In short, she said that “lawmakers are trying to [screw] you” — although she used the F-word to make her point — and ended up recommending everyone buy guns, because states like Texas and Tennessee have passed laws that say gun permits work as voter IDs, but Social Security cards and student IDs do not.

It’s not the first time Silverman has dipped a toe into politics, even this election season. She also appeared in a spot produced by the same group last July, offering to “scissor” billionaire Mitt Romney supporter Sheldon Adelson if he donates to President Barack Obama.

He didn’t take the offer.

This video was created by the Jewish Council for Education & Research, a super PAC supporting President Obama, published to YouTube on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012.

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