VOTE HERE: For The Best And Worst Super Bowl Ads

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Finally, Super Bowl Sunday has arrived. Dozens of advertisers have spent months — and a total of perhaps $245 million in media placement fees — just for this day.Was it worth it?

You be the judge.

You can either watch the game on TV — I know, so old-fashioned! — or you can look at our collection of the ads here.

Then, when you’ve chosen the commercial you think scored the biggest touchdown, and the one that made the lousiest fumble, go here to vote in our Super Bowl ad poll (powered by SurveyMonkey).

The list of ads in the poll will be as complete as we can make it after the game ends.

Finally, use the comments board below to tell us what you think in more detail.

Now, where’s that guacamole?

  • Look at the Super Bowl ads here.
  • Vote here for the best and worst Super Bowl ads>>