Silicon Alley Awards: VOTE NOW!

We’re pleased to announce the final nominees for this year’s Silicon Alley Awards (see ballots below).  Congratulations to all!

Along with pride and bragging rights, each nominee will receive two free tickets to Startup 2009 next week.

A big thank-you to everyone who submitted names and votes and helped us select this year’s nominees.*  Now please help us pick the winners by voting below.  

As a reminder, here’s how the winners will be determined:

We have assembled a panel of folks in the New York digital community who will each cast a ballot.  Our readers will also collectively cast one ballot (through the votes below).  On Tuesday evening, we’ll tally up all the ballots.  Then we’ll announce the winners at our Startup 2009 conference next week. 


BEST BUZZ:  The company everyone’s buzzing about (favourably).

BEST TO WORK FOR: Pay, benefits, colleagues, perks, work environment, culture, convenience, views, offices, you name it.

MOST LOVED PRODUCT OR SERVICE: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos always used to emphasise the importance of “delighting” customers. Vote for the companies whose products or services you love.

MOST LIKELY TO CHANGE THE WORLD: A.k.a., most revolutionary, most disruptive. Vote for the companies whose success is likely to have the biggest impact on incumbent competitors and/or on the lives of its users or customers.

MOST LIKELY TO BE WORTH $1+ BILLION: Private companies that haven’t yet been valued at $1+ billion. Who will eventually be worth that much?

THE MAN: The individual who has done the most to promote digital entrepreneurialism in New York City in the past year.

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* Some Quick Notes On The Process
We selected the nominees after considering hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes over the past month. As we explained up front, voting was not the only factor we considered, but we took it into account.

The selection of the winners will use the same basic methodology.  In this case, though, readers’ votes will have a direct impact on the results.  The readers’ ballot will count as one vote on our panel, which will consist of 5-7 total votes for each category.

Why not just pick the winners solely by reader votes? In short, because online voting is too easily gamed. We want to give everyone input, but we don’t want to turn this into a contest of who can mobilize the most friends to come cast votes for them.  We’ll announce the names of our panel next week (no secret ballots here).  So if you don’t like the results, you’ll know who to complain to.

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