LAST CHANCE TO VOTE: The World’s Best Business Schools

Is it Harvard?

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What’s the best business school in the world?Businessweek and The Economist say it’s University of Chicago. U.S. News says it’s Stanford. Unfortunately all of these rankings are missing the point. When these publications develop their rankings, they analyse curriculum, programs, faculty commentary, facilities and other info.

When it comes to assessing the value of a business school, however, there’s only one thing that really matters: The amount the school will help your future career.

It’s about the value of the school’s brand and the network of contacts you build while you’re there.  It’s also about how other people perceive the quality of the school.

A credential that will impress prospective clients and colleagues, and a high-power social network will help your career vastly more than any accounting course or case study.  And they’re what you’re really buying when you elect to spend two years and up to ~$100,000 as a customer of a particular school.

Last year our readers named Harvard as the best business school in the world, which should surprise no one. Harvard had the highest brand value, followed by Stanford, Wharton and Sloan.

This year we’re bringing our survey to even more readers to determine the best business school right now. We think you deserve to know the value of what you’re buying!  With your help, that’s what we’re going to tell you.

Please take 10 minutes to answer the questions below.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll reveal the definitive list of the World’s Best Business Schools.