Vostu Moves Full Steam Ahead Into Mobile With 4 Android Games Launching In The Next 8 Weeks

vostu founder josh kushner, mario schlosser, daniel kafie

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Vostu, the fourth largest gaming company in the world, is continuing to push mobile products.Initially a Facebook and Orkut developer, Vostu soft-launched into the mobile market last month with two games, Milk’n Cookies and Meow! Prior to those it launched Elemental for Android in October.

Now the company tells us it will release four more mobile social games in the next eight weeks.

Two will be original mobile games, Rocket Chimp and Pocket Universe. Vostu will also release two more mobile versions of its Orkut and Facebook games including Candy Dash.

All four games will launch in the Android Marketplace. Most of Vostu’s mobile apps have been Android focused because Android is the primary device in Latin America where Vostu dominates.

In Brazil, where Vostu is the leading game developer, the number of 3G devices grew 72% during 2011, so Vostu is willing to make big mobile bets.

“We believe that the mobile social games market, particularly in Latin America, offers tremendous growth opportunities over the next few years,” says Vostu. “We will continue to release a mix of new games and mobile versions of our already successful social games to steadily enable our users to play their favourite games while on the go.”

Vostu wouldn’t cite exact mobile numbers but said its users have grown 250% in the past few months.

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