Vonage (VG) Settles Nortel (NT) Patent Suit

Are Vonage’s patent wars finally over? This morning, the Internet phone company said it had settled its fourth patent suit of the year, this one with Canadian telecom gear maker Nortel (NT). Money won’t exchange hands; instead the companies will each cross-licence three patented technologies.

Earlier this year, Vonage (VG) settled cases with three telecom giants for a total of $239 million: $39 million to AT&T (T) over five years, $117.5 million to Verizon (VZ) (and $2.5 million to charity), and $80 million to Sprint Nextel (S).

Next up for Vonage: fixing its customer retention problems and showing investors that it can compete with cheap, Internet phone service in triple-play bundles from cable companies like Comcast (CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable (TWC), which have destroyed Vonage’s market share.

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