Broncos star Von Miller planned his custom-tailored outfits for the Super Bowl weeks in advance, and one cost him over $4,700

NFL players are willing to shell out money to look good on football’s biggest stage this weekend.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller, one of the most eccentric players in the NFL, prioritised his looks for the Super Bowl as soon as he knew he was going, according to SI’s Ben Baskin.

Baskin writes that Miller contacted his personal stylist, Chandra Ferrer of élevée Custom Clothing, almost immediately after the Broncos won the AFC Championship.

Ferrer, who works with several other Broncos players, was charged with helping Miller pick out his outfits for Super Bowl week. According to Baskin, the price on some of those outfits got pretty steep.

When asked by Ferrer to pick out a pair of shoes he’s never won before, Miller came back with a pair of pink, black, and yellow Louboutins that cost $1,145. Ferrer then put together a custom-made teal suit for Miller to match the shoes.

Miller gave a glimpse of both on his Instagram account.

“I was like, woah that‘s really loud,” Ferrer said of her reaction to the shoes.

Baskin reports that it takes élevée about four-and-a-half fours to make a custom suit and dress shirt, and most of it is done virtually after measurements are taken. If the order doesn’t need to be rushed, custom suits typically cost about $1,595.

However, Miller’s best outfit is yet to be seen — his Super Bowl Sunday outfit. Baskin says that his Sunday outfit was also planned around a pair of Louboutins — a pair that contains a special crystal and costs $3,200. Combined with the custom suit, and Miller will be wearing a $4,700 outfit on Sunday.

In a video with Sports Illustrated, we may have gotten a sneak-peak at the shoes, though it’s hard to tell:

Ferrer, who runs the blog Style MVP helps many of the Broncos dress:

Fashion is clearly a priority for everyone in this Super Bowl. Peyton Manning had a custom-tailored suit made for a 23-year-old practice squad player to thank him for being his practice target, and Cam Newton reportedly dropped over $800 on some exotic pants for the flight to the Super Bowl. 

We’ll see how the game goes, but thus far, this may be the most fashionable Super Bowl to date. 

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