Volvo's New Ads Are Anti-Rich People

volvo butler ad

A new ad campaign from Arnold Worldwide positions the Volvo as the car of everyday individuals, or “real people” — not the wealthy.

Rich people are silly, the campaign implies, and they should stick to luxury brands like Mercedes (featured in the campaign’s TV commercial).

The commercial (below) comes with a slew of humorous print ads that poke more fun at the super-wealthy. The basic message is that if you are in “the 1%,” a Volvo probably isn’t for you.

The campaign seems to be reaching beyond Volvo’s wealthy suburbanite core. But the price of a new Volvo hovers right around the Mercedes/BMW range for comparable models, at $33,300 – $48,150, rendering the ads’ message a bit unrealistic.

See the anti-rich commercial below, and scroll down for more print ads:



volvo rich dog ad


volvo island rich people ad

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