Why mums Make The Best Relief And Recovery Volunteers

While Hurricane Sandy caused massive devastation throughout the east coast and especially in areas like the Rockaways, in the aftermath, communities have responded in incredible ways.

Grassroots organisation have brought in supplies, and volunteers have sprung up in many affected areas.

Sometimes, it is just a street or a neighbourhood banding together, and other times outside groups from other communities get involved. And almost always, mothers have emerged to play a crucial role in these efforts.

When we went to the Rockaways on Thanksgiving, there were some inspiring community gatherings happening, and we got to meet two mother volunteers, Leni Calas and Zoe Adlersberg.

Calas runs The Mamas Network and founded Queens Mamas (both blog for and about mothers), and Adlersberg is an accomplished photographer and active member of Bowery Babes (an online community for women and mothers.)

They explained to us that why mothers have special characteristics suited to relief and recovery:


Produced by Daniel Goodman