Volkswagon Plans An Electric For 2013


Volkswagen might introduce a small city electric car in 2013, according to the company’s R&D chief who spoke with German magazine Stern.

AutoblogGreen found the interview and did its best to translate via Google, so take this with a grain of salt. It appears that Volkswagen will sell a small city car in 2013, with a range of 60-70 miles on a singel charge.

Something might be getting lost in translation. In May, VW said it was partnering with BYD to work on electrics, and the company said it would reveal an affordable electric at the Frankfurt auto show. Maybe this small car will be the affordable electric, but in an era with the Volt, LEAF and Model S, a little electric city car won’t make much of a dent for Volkswagen.

Here’s AutoblogGreen’s translation:

Hackenberg highlights the complexity of building an EV that meets all current requirements and expresses some scepticism about being able to achieve a 200-300 mile range in the near term. According to Hackenberg, a 60-70 mile range should be sufficient for most typical drivers. Hackenberg expects internal combustion cars to continue dominating for at least the next 15 years. As part of its move to improve the efficiency of such vehicles, VW will also show a new two-seater that gets 235 mpg (U.S.) in Frankfurt. The seats in the concept are arranged in tandem.

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