This couple ditched the city and now lives out of a hip Volkswagen bus

Idle theoryInstagram/IdleTheoryBusJames Campbell and Rachel Goldfarb from @idletheorybus.

In November 2012, James Campbell and Rachel Goldfarb quit their jobs, left their home in Encinitas, California, gave away most of their possessions, and moved into a 1976 bright orange Volkswagen bus that they named Sunshine.

For the past five years, the couple has travelled, worked, and lived as nomads, logging everything on Instagram (@idletheorybus).

They wrote a book that chronicles their stories from the road to help fund their travels around the US. Called “Orange is Optimism.

Take a look at a few of their ‘grams. 

Campbell and Goldfarb's journey started with a desire to be outside and 'become more one with the earth,' they write on their website.

Source: Idle Theory Bus

They have transformed the van into a cosy home.

They have travelled all over the US in their bus, from Utah's hot springs ...

... to Florida's palmetto marshes.

Most of Goldfarb's days are spent writing ...

... while Campbell takes photos and repairs the van when needed.

They make their income by working on farms and doing other short-term physical labour jobs.

After the couple left behind modern conveniences, they said they developed a philosophy, called 'idle theory,' for how to divide their time between being idle, working, and leisure.

'The modern person defines themself by their work-related achievements,' they write. 'We believe that, through limiting our work time, and the material possessions acquired through work, modern man can ... transform into a balanced, whole human being.'

Source: Idle Theory Bus

Campbell and Goldfarb have joined many others who have ditched stationary homes to live in nature.

'Van life is a modern revolution -- an uprising,' Rachel said on their site. 'Many of us are seeking out alternate ways to build fulfilling lives.'

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