Volkswagen Sales Took A Beating In Australia After Its Recall Over Gearbox Issues

Fairfax Media has reported Volkswagen’s sales have plummeted by almost 20%, after it had to recall nearly 26,000 cars.

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In the article, Andrew McKellar, executive director of the Australian Automobile Association, said buyers had voted with their feet, and it was a reminder Automotive companies needed to be honest.

Media reports had cited issues with some Volkswagen gearboxes, which caused rapid and unexpected deceleration, before the company began a recall.

“If they try to handle these issues with corporate spin the market will judge them very harshly.”

According to official sales figures released yesterday by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the brand sold 1226 fewer cars compared with the same period last year, a 19% drop, according to Fairfax.

the Australian car market as a whole was up by 5.5%.

David McCowen has more here.

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