New Volkswagen Gets 158 Miles Per Gallon!

Volkswagen showed off two new eco-cars at the Frankfurt Autoshow, the E-Up! and the L1.

Each of them has a unique look, and neither is aimed at the mass market.

The E-Up is stripped down electric city car. It’s smaller than a Mini, and it will get 60-80 miles per charge. The car is supposed to be available in Europe by 2013.

The L1 looks like something out of a cartoon. It’s a bullet shaped diesel that gets 100 km on 1.5 litres, or 157.8 MPG. Jalopnik says it is “practically production ready.” But who would buy the odd thing?

Here’s a gallery of the cars →

The Electric Up!

E-Up Driving Away

The L1 Front

L1 Back

L1 Overhead

And another eco car that gets 158 MPG.

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