After Using An Underage Model (Again) Vogue Promises Not To Use Underage Models (Again)

ondria hardinOndria Hardin, 15, in Vogue earlier this year.

Photo: Vogue

A mere three months into its health initiative that bars models under 16 from appearing within the pages of all international editions of Vogue, 15-year old Ondria Hardin was found posing in the pages of Vogue China.Now the fashion Bible has renewed its vow to not use underage models.

An apology is plastered on the websites of all 18 international editions of Vogue, assuring stricter regulations:

All model agencies will be asked to provide documentary proof of the ages of models who are not well known, or they will not appear in the magazine. The new, tough rules follow a mistake in the August issue of Vogue China when the image of a 15-year-old model appeared in an article on up-and coming-models. According to China Vogue editor Angelica Cheung, the article was prepared before the Health Initiative was announced, and editors failed to catch the slip-up. She commented, “It happened under our radar, and we are truly sorry. We will make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Note: That’s confirmation that right now, Ondria Hardin is still, in fact, 15. Her precise age had been a matter of dispute.

One impetus for the ban was public outcry against a sexualized spread that starred then-10-year-old Thylane Blondeau sprawled seductively on an animal-print bedspread.

Vogue noted that Parisian blogs reported underage models were spotted in a shoot for Vogue Japan — that’s true, but the spread will no longer grace the magazine’s glossy pages.

Breaking self-generated bans on using underage models is hardly a new phenomenon. The fashion world vowed to not use models under the age of 16 during New York fashion week in 2011, but many designers were caught flouting their own ban.

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