Vogue Italia Puts A Model With A 13-Inch Waist On Its Cover

vogue italia

Vogue Italia is at it again.

Earlier in the summer, the magazine stirred controversy with cover featuring plus-sized models.

The September issue goes the opposite way, showing Stella Tennant wearing a corset that cinches her waist to 13 inches.

The Steven Meisel shot – featuring a cover line that simple reads “avant-garde” – is an ode to Ethel Granger, the woman with the “smallest waist in the world.

Granger also had an affinity for facial piercings, which explains Tennant’s oversized nose ring.

Last month, the publication drew ire after labelling hoop earrings “slave” earrings.

The September won’t cause the same firestorm, although it will anger those who argue fashion magazines glorify overly skinny models. 

Also, it certainly will freak out some people.