One of retail’s biggest stars looks Photoshopped in a recent picture —  and fans are furious

Vogue China is under fire for what appears to be an airbrushing gaffe.

The magazine is being accused of Photoshopping star designer and former pop star Victoria Beckham.

Beckham posted the photo in question as a part of a video montage of her photo shoot on Instagram.

Loved working on this shoot for @voguechina May issue. Thank u @inezandvinoodh, @wendyrowe and @shayashual x vb

A video posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

But one of the photos in the montage has caught the eyes of some of her fans.

Here’s a screen grab — you can see that there’s a suspicious gap above her thigh. 

Victoria Beckham screenshot instagram vogue china photoshop

Fans are now debating if that’s a Photoshop fail or not.

“OMG she’s missing a huge chunk out of her thigh in the first pic,” one fan wrote.

“No legs are that pointed,” one fan wrote.

“You also see that they cut off a bit of the leg. Whew,” another wrote.

“It’s obviously her underwear! She looks spectacular, all tve el [sic],” another wrote.

“There is a little place which is a underwear but there is way to much no underwear,” another wrote.

“Am I the only one that thinks that it’s the material from the clothing that she is wearing lol, get yourself together Internet!” Another wrote.

“Even if she does look incredible, the photo has been cropped just above her thigh.. That fact changes nothing about her looking good!” Another wrote.

Whether it is or isn’t, it wouldn’t be the first time Vogue China was accused of heavily editing an image of a famous woman. Just a few months ago, fans caught an image of Gigi Hadid in which her birth marks appeared to have been removed.

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