Vodafone Is Shutting Crazy John's In September

Image: Kristian Dowling / Getty Images.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia is shutting its Crazy John’s mobile phone brand in September.

Crazy John’s 100,000 customers will be given the option of transferring to the company’s parent Vodafone, SMH reports.

Vodafone bought a 75 per cent stake in Crazy John’s in 2008 for about $150 million after the company’s founder, John Ilhan, died suddenly the year before.

The brand got its name from Ilhan’s crazy marketing practices. It was one of the first mobile phone outlets to offer $1 mobile phones, taking away high upfront costs which were the norm at the time.

In 2013 Vodafone shut 40 of the 60 Crazy John’s shop-fronts and ran the operation as a primarily online operation.

There’s more here.

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