Vodafone Australia Gets Competitive About Data To Make A Comeback By 2014

Getty/ Ben Radford

Despite recent loses, Vodafone Australia is set to become an “aggressive competitor” once the company is back to full gear in 2014.

CEO of Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Bill Morrow, told the ABC that improvements currently being made to brand perception and network performance will help to restore Vodafone’s fortunes in Australia.

Morrow spoke with the ABC about the company’s future and it’s focus on mobile data.

“We feel really good about the fact that our network is so much stronger, and so much bigger, we have the fastest 4Gs across the five capital cities.

“Vodafone have taken a very aggressive position to say that we have to be a wireless data company.

“Aussies love their smart phones, we’re seeing data take-up rates where it’s 30% per year growth in terms of data consumption, and we don’t see that changing anytime in the future.”

The ABC has more.

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