VMWare Chief To Microsoft: Who’s The Dinosaur?

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Yesterday, Microsoft released a funny video that portrayed virtualization company VMWare as living in a 1970s version of the past.But last evening, VMWare chief Paul Maritz — who used to lead Microsoft’s platforms group in the 1990s — shot back by pointing out that Windows is in fact becoming a thing of the past.

As Todd Bishop reports, Maritz said that three years ago, 95% of all Internet-connected devices were Windows PCs. By 2014, only 20% will be.

Here’s the quote:

What we’re seeing in the cloud era is not just hundreds of millions but billions of new users and devices now coming into play. Three years ago over 95 per cent of the devices connected to the Internet were personal computers. Three years from now that number will probably be less than 20 per cent. More than 80 per cent of the devices connected to the Internet will not be Windows-based personal computers.

He’s not the only one making such predictions: earlier this month, iSuppli predicted 750 million Internet-connected consumer electronics devices would ship in 2015, including 300 million tablets. And that number does NOT include smartphones.

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