Check out Vladimir Putin’s new armoured presidential limo that is Russia’s answer to ‘The Beast’

The Aurus Senat. Newspress
  • The Aurus Senat is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new limousine.
  • It’s Russia’s answer to “The Beast,” America’s Cadillac-branded presidential limo.
  • The Senat is actually the launch model in a new line of ultra-luxury cars that will be sold under the Aurus brand.
  • The Aurus Senat is powered by a 598 horsepower 4.4-litre hybrid V-8 engine hooked up to a nine-speed automatic transmission.
  • Unfortunately, little is known about the defence capabilities and safety features built into the Russian presidential limo.
  • The production Senat limo is expected to start at $US160,000, Autoweek reported. Putin’s version certainly cost significantly more.

Where the US president goes, “The Beast” will follow. The Beast isn’t his pet – it’s his presidential limousine.

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin has a beast of his own.

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In 2018, the State Research Center of the Russian Federation, or NAMI, introduced a new presidential limo called the Aurus Senat.

According to NAMI, the Senat is the launch model in a new line of ultra-luxury cars that will be sold under the Aurus brand.

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This week, the company put the Aurus limo on display alongside the world’s automotive elite at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

“We decided to go to the European convention in Geneva because the Geneva Motor Show, I personally know from my business experience, is a show where you can really present luxury brands and luxury vehicles,” Aurus CEO Hilgert Franz Gerhard said in an interview with Reuters. “We are not mainstream. We are doing something surprising because nobody expected a luxury brand from Russia.”

Here’s a closer look at Putin’s new Aurus Senat limo:

This is the latest version of The Beast. It was built by General Motors for President Donald Trump in 2018.

Like its predecessor, it’s badged as a Cadillac.


This is the Aurus Senat. It is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new limo.

The Senat made its world debut at the 2018 Moscow International Auto Show.

The Senat is powered by a 598 horsepower 4.4-litre V-8 engine paired with a hybrid drive system.


It’s mated to nine-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels.

An even more powerful 857 horsepower 6.6-litre hybrid V-12 drive unit is on the way.

Source: Tass

The armoured Senat is 21.7 feet long and weighs in at a colossal 14,330 pounds.


Like The Beast, the presidential Senat is bulletproof and bomb proof, the Daily Mail reported.

Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, not much more is known about the Senat’s defensive and safety features.

The Senat is the launch vehicle in a new line of Aurus-branded ultra-luxury cars.

The interior of the Senat is packed with leather and wood accents, along with a modern infotainment system.

The rear cabin features reclining seats and individual infotainment screens.

The Senat’s interior and …

… exterior design draws heavy inspiration from a variety of luxury automakers, including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and Chrysler.


Source: Business Insider

The production Aurus Senat is expected to go on sale in 2020 with a reported starting price of $US160,000. Naturally, Putin’s armoured version costs a heck of a lot more.

Source: Autoweek