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Vladimir Putin published a lengthy article earlier this week that sought to finally address the touchy subject of nationalism and ethnicity in modern Russia.However before Russians can even begin to way up the problem of “the national question”, there’s another question. Is their prime minister (soon to be president) a plagiarist?

According to RFE/RL, a prominent blogger has swiftly accused Putin’s article of using such obscure and academic language that appears to have been plagiarized from a monograph by sociologists Valery Tishkov, Aleksandr Danilyuk and Aleksandr Kondakov.

Perhaps worse however, may be Tishkov’s response to the allegations:

“As for [Putin’s use of] ‘poly-culturalism,’ he also got this a little confused. Everything there is a little vague. The article is sort of eclectic; [it is written in a] purely pre-election style…so that it appeals to everyone who is voting. As for those who aren’t voting, what does he say about them? Migrants… and so on — ‘Are they responsible for everything?’ I didn’t write that kind of book. It is different from this article.”

Basically – Putin can’t have plagiarized me as he’s wrong.

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