Here’s The Only Android Tablet You Can Watch Hulu On

vizio tablet

[credit provider=”Vizio”]

Vizio just announced that its Vizio 8 tablet will be the first Android tablet to be able to play content from Hulu Plus.Until now, Hulu had not approved any Android tablets to stream content..

Hulu has evidently begun approving Android devices one by one, like Netflix has been doing lately.

There are currently 10 Android devices on the Hulu-approved list alongside the Vizio tablet.

The Vizio 8 runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread (not Honeycomb), so while it’s the first Android tablet to run Hulu Plus, it could be a while before another gets Hulu’s stamp of approval.

The Vizio 8 tablet runs for $299.99, and can also control your Vizio TV if you have one.