Vizio Totally Nails It With Its First Laptop And Desktop Computers

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Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

LAS VEGAS — Vizio’s CES booth is so big it can’t even fit inside the Las Vegas Convention centre.The company showed off the first laptops and desktop PCs its ever built, as well as a beautiful 10-inch tablet,  and of course a complete range of jaw-dropping TVs.

Vizio’s computers look a ton like Apple products, but that’s actually a pretty great thing. Many PC makers have tried and failed to emulate Apple’s designs, and on its first try, Vizio did a bang up job.

This means Vizio’s computers are sleek, attractive, full of intentional design choices, and really sturdy. The best feature of these computers will likely be their prices—Vizio is famous for offering ridiculous values on great stuff.

The computers will launch this summer.

Here’s a full tour of Vizio’s CES booth.

It doesn't come with a mouse. Just a multitouch trackpad and keyboard (which are not final designs).

The 24-27 inch PCs are really thin....

...because the real guts of the computer are hidden under this skirt here.

Here's the back of the computer. It's one of the more attractive all-in-one PC designs we're seen.

Vizio's new computers are built for home entertainment as well as computing. They come with separate subwoofers.

One killer feature is the HDMI-in input so you can plug in an Xbox, Blu-ray players, and more. The computer is meant to be a TV as well, considering its 1080p high-res screen.

All it takes is the flip of a switch to activate the HDMI-in. We love how easy it is to plug in an Xbox 360 and use the thing as your TV screen.

All of the desktop PCs come with a remote. Here's a prototype version.

The Vizio laptops come in two super-thin models and one thick model. They look a ton like MacBook Airs from this angle...

...but more so from the bottom. Vizio really nailed the unibody design of the laptop, which very few companies are doing besides Apple. Its bottom is covered in a soft-touch coating so it doesn't slip out of your hands.

Like on MacBooks, the laptop's ventilation duct is at the hinge, which means the laptop's bottom is very clean looking.

Here's how the super thin model looks when closed.

It's really thin....

...and even has a sleep light, like you might find on Apple products.

The super thin models really do look a ton like MacBook Airs, which is a good thing. The keyboards do look weird, but aren't final.

Here's a profile view of the Vizio super thin laptop.

Vizio's mid range laptop has a 15-inch screen, and is a bit thicker.

Here's the slot-loading DVD drive you can buy to accompany one of the laptops. None of them have optical disc drives.

Moving on to tablets, here's Vizio's brand new 10-inch HD tablet. It will run Ice Cream Sandwich when it launches later this year.

It doesn't look like any other tablets we've had our hands on.

The rounded side edges make it pretty nice to hold.

On the side all you'll find is a volume rocker and sleep switch.

Vizio still hasn't decided yet where exactly they want to put the 10-incher's rear camera.

The top of the device features an infrared port to control your TV. The tablet will launch later this year.

Moving on to TVs, here's a biggie. It's Vizio's 84-inch concept display with an insane resolution of 4,000 x 2,000 pixels. There's literally nothing you can play on it at full resolution quite yet.

HD comes through on your TV at 1080p, which is about half the resolution (horizontally) of the 4K Vizio.

Another cool new TV is Vizio's Cinema Wide TV which plays movies at 21:9 widescreen with no letterboxes.

3D movies looked amazing on the Cinema Wide screen. For non-widescreen content, you can either zoom in or view letterboxes on the sides of your content.

Vizio's higher end TVs run apps based on top of a skinned Android OS.

You can navigate the TV using this oddball remote. Check out the content buttons up top, as well as the trackpad.

The front is somehow more strange than the back.

The coolest app we saw for Vizio TVs was OnLive, which lets you stream PC games straight to your TV, no console required.

Lastly, here's Vizio's Roku/AppleTV/Boxee type box.

Stream content to it over the air, or through cables. It essentially takes the apps (like Netflix) we saw before and puts them on a non high-end TV (that doesn't need to be Vizio).

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