INSIDE FASHION WEEK: Forget The Catwalk, These Models Did Yoga For A Crowd Outside The Tents

Fashion Week Yoga

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

Vivienne Tam premiered her first-ever Yoga line Tuesday at New York Fashion Week.At Lincoln centre’s Barclays Capita Grove, 20 pro yogis showed off Tam’s new line while performing downward facing dog and other poses under the instruction of International Yogi Rodney Yee.

Tam teamed up with Li Ning, a leading sports brand in China, to create the line, which she said she hoped would take women who normally wear luxury brands from yoga to their everyday lives.

The collection featured pastels, short-sleeve shirts and tank tops as well as shorts, capris and pants.

Purples, blues, pinks and reds were the primary colours used, but a few of the outfits were classic black and white.

The majority of the clothes feature colour-blocking — a huge trend in ready-to-wear lines right now.

We’re not yoga experts, but the clothes seemed baggy on the yogis and appeared to be made mostly of cotton and not much Lycra. The designs on the clothes were very Zen, and had a step up on standard sports brands.

The collection’s bags run from $200–$250 and the clothes from $72–$240. They are available at Vivienne Tam stores and online in Spring 2012.

Since the show was outside, New Yorkers and tourists stopped by and watched the choreographed yoga presentation. We spotted Dina Lohan, looking much like Lindsay (five years ago), who showed up for a photo op with Tam. 

Vivienne Tam Yoga took place outside the tents. It was invite-only, but everyone could catch a glimpse

Vivienne Tam (in purple) smiled during an interview before premiering her line

Tam teamed up with Li Ning and International Yogis Colleen Yee (middle) and Rodney Yee (second from right)

Tam and the Yees setting up before the show

The yogis-turned-models posed for a class picture

A closet full of Vivienne Tam's Yoga line, a first for the designer

The yogis all wore matching Vivienne Tam flip-flops

Here's one of the short-sleeve shirts with ombré geometric pattern

Lots of bright colours

The ombré logo in black and white

A racer bank tank top and a good yoga stretch

The yogis perform downward-facing dog

The collection's signature logo even appeared on the yoga pants

Rodney Yee helped one of the lead Yogis find zen

Yee instructed the yogis during the hour-and-a-half presentation

A peaceful pose with a pop of colour

Tree pose

She's sporting a purple racer back cropped tank

This was definitely an interesting way to check out a new fashion line

Crowds of onlookers stopped by to check out the yoga-wear, and the yogis

Many pieces featured colour-blocking

The presentation reminded us of a rainbow

The yogis were organised by the colour and style of their athletic wear

All the models -- sorry, we mean Yogis -- had their hair done for the show

Vivienne Tam ushered in her model friend

Spotted: Dina Lohan posing with Vivienne Tam

Dina checked out the show for quite a while

The trio was very happy with the reception they received from the crowd

Rodney Yee flashed a peace sign to the crowd on his way out

We weren't invited to participate in the outdoor yoga class. But we did get a gift bag

Inside we found a Rodney Yee Yoga DVD, some hair repair cream and some coupons for free yoga

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