Vivek's Plan: More Google For Government*


“America’s CIO” Vivek Kundra recently gave a rare public speech since his appointment into office, and Government Computer News attended the event.

Describing Vivek as “cool as a cucumber in the still chilly spring ground,” here’s what he has in mind for the government:

  • Leverage existing technologies, which means putting government images on Flickr (YHOO), government videos on YouTube (GOOG), and using Google Apps in government offices.
  • Cloud Computing: Vivek wants to set up “private clouds” for sensitive data, and is looking into how privacy laws apply to cloud-based citizen information.
  • Vivek has proposed a new website,, that will be a central clearinghouse for all federal data streams (census, agriculture, everything).

One big winner is Google (GOOG), which could see increased traffic to YouTube and whose Google Apps gets serious enterprise chops as 10 of thousands of federal employees start using it. And the big loser is Microsoft (MSFT), which will likely get a cold shoulder in DC when its new version of Office (working title: Office 14) comes out next year.

Image: David Clow / Flickr

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