The Man Who Bought Tori Burch's Hamptons Home At A Huge Discount Has Finally Been Identified

tory burch hamptons estate sold for $11 million

Photo: Hro

Health care mogul Vivek Garipalli has been identified as the controversial buyer of Tory Burch’s Hamptons mansion, the New York Post is reporting.Garipalli bought Burch’s pad for $11 million, significantly less than the $22.5 million Burch purchased the home for from her ex-husband Chris Burch.

The $11 million selling price got Burch’s neighbours, such as David Koch and Calvin Klein, Leon Black, Ambassador Clifford Sobel, and Rachael Ray, up in arms, worrying that selling price would hurt the value of their respective homes. Their homes range in value from $30 to $50 million.

Garipalli, co-owner of Bayonne Medical centre, plans to rip down Burch’s home, which sits on 4.5 acres. The Post reports he’s planning to build a 7,100-square-foot home in its place.

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