Greenland Is Making A Big Push To Be The Next Iceland

Over the past few decades Iceland has turned into one of the world’s premier tourist locations, despite its relatively expensive price, remote location, and the fact that the country’s trademark cuisine is fermented shark.

Greenland, the bigger yet less populated country to Iceland’s west, has no doubt been looking on with jealousy. Greenland is not thought of as a tourist destination by most, and instead finds its way into the wider public consciousness largely as a place where evidence of global warming can be found.

As such its not too much of a surprise to find that 2013 is seeing a big push from Visit Greenland, the official tourism organisation for the country. Skift News points to a series of videos Visit Greenland has produced showing off the country’s natural beauty and the remote nature of the life there. Here are the first three videos, another three are due to be released soon:

Can Greenland steal some of Iceland’s thunder? As the video’s show, the natural beauty of Greenland is certainly comparable to Iceland’s other-wordly landscapes.

As Skift founder Rafat Ali is quick to point out, however, cost may be an issue. While Iceland’s financial crisis has seen prices in Reykjavik drop to New York or London levels (so, bearable, but not cheap), Greenland has seen its prices remain relatively high. Flying to Greenland itself requires first getting first getting to Copenhagen, Iceland, or (as of summer 2012), Canada.

There are other issues — Greenland doesn’t have a city with the amenities and culture of Reykjavik, for example.

Despite these issues, tourism does seem to be growing on the island —  30,000 visitors came via cruise ship per year, four times more than came a decade ago, and 35,000 come via plane, CNN reports.

Somewhat sadly, many of these people are coming to see something Greenland might not have for too much longer — glaciers.

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