Google Snatches Up Licensing Rights For Visa PayWave, Sticks It Inside Google Wallet

visa google wallet

Google Wallet, a new “contact-less” way to pay revealed by Google in May, launched yesterday with Citi and Mastercard as partners.

Today, Visa announced that they’d be hopping on the bandwagon too, offering anyone with a Google Wallet-enabled smartphone the option to pay using their Visa card.

Visa’s payWave¬†wireless standard is the crux of this deal, which Google will licence, and which isn’t as pervasive as Mastercard’s PayPass offering.

These two technologies allow a person to plug their credit card number into a NFC-enabled smartphone and tap it against a reader at a store or subway turnstile.

As of now, the only phone capable of using Google Wallet is Sprint’s Nexus S 4G. Google Wallet is in a trial phase in San Francisco and New York City, but plans to expand nationwide soon.

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