Virgin’s Multimillion Dollar Ad Campaign Shows Flight Attendants Are Superhuman

Virgin stewardesses, flight attendants, Virgin airlines

To celebrate the launch of flights within the UK, Virgin Atlantic has released a new advert celebrating its employees that ‘fly in the face of ordinary’.

The multimillion pound advertising campaign, which launches on Saturday, celebrates the skills and talents of Virgin Atlantic employees.

The advert plots the journey of children with extraordinary talents growing up to become Virgin Atlantic employees. One child is obsessed by flight, and he is seen going on to become a pilot. Another child is shown with incredible intuition, and she is seen becoming a glamorous cabin crew member.

The advert coincides with the launch of the airline’s domestic flying programme in the UK with flights between London Heathrow and Manchester, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Virgin Atlantic is looking to hire 150 extra staff for the domestic flights and the advert hints at the kind of people that make Virgin Atlantic ‘fly in the face of ordinary’.

“We’re always on the lookout for gifted people to grow our business. Our staff hold the keys to the future of Virgin Atlantic; they work so hard, and we are delighted to dedicate this new advert to them,” Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic said.

The advert will be broadcast around the world from January 1, 2013.