A Virginia woman swindled $5 million in a healthcare-investment scam so she could stay at the Ritz and enjoy a $200,000 trip to Italy

Keisha Williams on a trip to Disney World in 2016. US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia
  • Keisha Williams was sentenced on Friday to 15 1/2 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to 14 fraud-related charges.
  • Williams was accused of swindling $US5 million out of investors for a healthcare-software program she told them she’d bought.
  • She never fully purchased the program and instead spent the money on trips with her girlfriend.
  • Williams took a birthday trip to Disney World, a $US75,000 trip to Jamaica, a $US200,000 trip to Italy, and more.

A Virginia woman who swindled $US5 million in a healthcare-investment scam spent the money on extravagant trips to Europe and the Bahamas in one of the “worst” cases a judge said she had ever seen.

Keisha Williams, 43, of Ashburn, Virginia, was sentenced on Friday to 15 1/2 years in federal prison after admitting to running a fraudulent healthcare-software scheme that scammed more than 50 million people out of their savings, The Washington Post reported.

She pleaded guilty to 14 fraud-related charges last year.

Williams lived a lavish life, travelling to the Bahamas, Italy, and Bora Bora, where she bragged about spotting actor Tracy Morgan and boasted she had “the biggest villa on the island.”

At her sentencing, Williams was ordered to hand over an $US1,800 leather portfolio she bought on her trip to Italy and carried at the trial, along with a car, gun, watches, and other items.

“The way in which you spent this money … is appalling,” Judge Leonie Brinkema told Williams at the sentencing.

At the start of her scam, four years ago, Williams said she’d purchased Austrian software that would allow doctors to remotely talk to patients.

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To supposedly buy the product, she convinced a California businessman named Christian D’Andrade to become her partner and raise $US4 million, including $US1.4 million of his own money. Another $US1 million came from other victims.

But Williams never fully purchased the healthcare software and spent less than $US300,000 of the money she’d raised on the product, The Post reported.

She spent the remaining money mainly on her and her girlfriend, according to court records seen by The Post.

Williams took a birthday trip to Disney World, a $US75,000 trip to Jamaica, a $US200,000 trip to Italy, where she stayed in five-star hotels, and more.

Meanwhile, D’Andrade lost two houses, a car, and all of his savings while waiting to be paid back on his investment, The Post reported. After losing everything, D’Andrade sent Williams the only money he had: a Social Security check, which he’d planned to use to pay overdue phone and utility bills.

Several other investors lost their savings too.

According to court filings obtained by The Post, Williams told her family that if they wanted her to visit her dying grandmother, “they need to send some money if they want me there.”

Williams was arrested in February 2018.

The arrest came after she was investigated following complaints from small businesses that had paid her consulting firm advances for jobs that were never performed.