The controversial wife of a Supreme Court justice interviewed the author of the 'torture memos'

John YooSusan WalshDavid Addington, chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney, left, and John Yoo, right, wait to testify on Capitol Hill.

The author of the Bush administration’s highly controversial “torture memos” is pretty unhappy with the Obama administration.

In an interview with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia Thomas of The Daily Caller, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo unleashed a wide variety of criticisms against President Barack Obama. 

“I sometimes call the Obama presidency the “Bizarro World” presidency,” Yoo said in the interview recorded by The Daily Caller. “In Superman, there’s like, Bizarro World, where everything is the reverse of the way it is in the real world.”

“Obama’s view of the presidency is the reverse or mirror image of the Framers’ presidency,” Yoo said.

While serving in the Department of Justice from 2001-2003, Yoo co-authored a set of memos that classified Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters as outside of Geneva Convention protections against torture. The memos outlined the George W. Bush administration’s legal strategy to use “advanced interrogation techniques” while avoiding violating the War Crimes Act of the Geneva Convention.

In Sunday’s interview, the UC Berkeley law professor reserved his most withering criticisms for Obama’s foreign policy. Yoo said the Obama’s foreign policy was worse than former President Jimmy Carter’s, and predicted that the president’s nuclear negotiations with Iran will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. 

Clarence and Virginia Thomas 2007 at The Federalist Society in Washington in 2007AP/Charles DharapakClarence and Virginia Thomas at The Federalist Society in Washington in 2007

“If people want to see what a [former Rep.] Ron Paul (R-Texas) presidency would have been like, we’re getting it,” Yoo said. “The only area of difference is drones. Other than that, President Obama has done exactly the same things and said exactly the same things that Ron Paul’s foreign policy would have been.”

“This explains a lot of the disorder we’re seeing, and chaos in the world,” Yoo said.

Now a conservative activist, Virginia Thomas raised eyebrows several years ago for her fundraising for conservative causes.

Though out the interview, Thomas fielded Yoo soft questions about why the Constitution is great and what life is like as a conservative in Berkeley.

Yoo hasn’t done much to conceal his partisan views over the years. In 2014, he questioned a damning investigation of torture tactics used by the CIA against alleged terrorists, claiming he couldn’t fully trust the report since it was prepared only by Democrats.

In Sunday’s interview, the Yoo he likes one thing about liberals: craftiness.

“Liberals are great at cooking food, making handcrafted items,” Yoo said. “I just don’t want them to be in charge of running anything.”

Yoo is the latest ex-Bush administration official to reemerge with fresh criticisms of President Obama. In an interview with British newspaper the Times this week, former Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the US’s failure to address Russian aggression was weakening American power abroad.

Watch the interview below, via the Daily Caller:

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