LIVE UPDATES: Joe Biden snagged the a decisive victory in Virginia on Super Tuesday, winning over a majority of voters

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Joe Biden decisively won the Virginia Democratic primary. The Democratic frontrunner had a banner night in the Old Dominion, accruing 53.25% of the votes with all precincts reporting.

Virginia primary results:

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Washington Post reporter Matt Viser tweeted that turnout in Virginia doubled in 2020, compared to the 2016 Democratic primary.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was the runner-up in Virginia, taking 23.09% of the vote. CNN senior political analyst Robert Brownstein tweeted that the senator from Vermont has struggled to win over white suburban voters in Virginia.

Biden followed up his success in Virginia with another victory in North Carolina. The candidate himself took to Twitter to thank Virginia voters for what appears to be a decisive victory.

And early returns are indicating an especially strong showing from the former vice president.

On the other hand, UVA Centre for Politics Director Larry Sabato tweeted that Bloomberg is tanking in Virginia.

Biden demolished rival Michael Bloomberg in the primary, despite the former New York City mayor’s expensive ad campaign in the state.

Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Bykowicz tweeted that the former mayor of New York City poured $US18 million into the state-wide messaging campaign.

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What was at stake in the primary?

The Commonwealth of Virginia ran an open primary, with 124 total allocated delegates. Of those delegates, 99 were pledged delegates, elected at the local level. The 25 remaining delegates were super delegates, meaning that they are free to support any candidate during the Democratic National Convention in July.

VA CD mapRuobing Su/Business Insider

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What did the polling say?

According to FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast, Biden went into Super Tuesday with a 56% chance of winning the most votes in the race.

A February poll from Monmouth University found that Virginia voters “who are likely to participate in the Democratic primary” are equally split between Sanders and Bloomberg, with each candidate racking up 22% of support.

Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray described the Virginia primary as a “jump ball” for the candidates. The February 18 poll found that only a quarter of Virginia Democratic primary voters felt “firmly set on their candidate choice.”

A poll from Christopher Newport University published on February 28 found that 82% of Democratic primary voters plan to throw their support behind whoever the Democrats nominate to challenge Trump. Of the remaining 18%, two-thirds said they “fear the nominee will be ‘too liberal.'”

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