Virgin Galactic's first space tourists will be wearing some really stylish jumpsuits

Virgin Galactic unveiled the look of its new flight suits at Spaceport America in New Mexico Thursday, announced as a collaboration with Adidas’ high-end sportswear brand Y-3.

The jumpsuit the company unveiled was the pilot’s version, which is still a prototype, but passenger astronauts will also be outfitted with similar suits.

Y-3, which is a collaboration between Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, will also design all other Virgin Galactic uniforms — including crew members on the ground — for the partnership.

It’s made with super high-tech fabrics. The body uses a fabric called Nomex Meta Aramid, which retains Kevlar’s rigidity but is more flexible, according to Gizmodo.

This makes it able to support a pilot’s seated position while blasting through the atmosphere, while also staying comfortable enough to wear during long space flights.

The boots are similarly high-tech, using a combination of Nomex and natural leather that is extremely lightweight. They also have special insoles for absorbing shock as well as enhanced grips on the bottom.

The boots go into testing with pilots immediately, so they can provide feedback.

The outfits take clear inspiration from popular sportswear motifs, like “goth ninja” and “health goth,” which also include all-black palettes and high-tech materials.

Since these suits are just prototypes, it’s possible the design might change completely before they go into production, but we hope they don’t.

Wearing flight suits this cool might just make the entire trip worth it.

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