Here's how Richard Branson wound up in a mermaid tail on his luxury private island

SuperSheVirgin founder Richard Branson.
  • In June 2017, Virgin founder Richard Branson hosted the women of the SuperShe community on his Necker Island property in the British Virgin Islands.
  • SuperShe founder Kristina Roth told Business Insider that she rented out the island for the retreat and co-hosted it with Branson.
  • Somewhere along the way during the retreat, Branson found himself wearing a mermaid tail.

Virgin founder Richard Branson welcomed some guests on his private abode of Necker Island late last June.

Branson’s guests were part of the SuperShe community, which is comprised of independent women that strive to empower themselves and each other through wellness and sisterhood.

The SuperShe community, which usually participates in female-only restorate retreats, descended upon the British Virgin Island property that Branson purchased in 1978 for a one-week-long retreat in collaboration with Branson as well as others in his network.

At one point during the retreat, SuperShe founder Kristina Roth told Business Insider that she had a private photoshoot, complete with mermaid tails, with Branson and fellow SuperShes.

The SuperShe and Branson collaborative retreat involved both men and women and focused on the entrepreneurial side of SuperShe, according to the website.It was spent discussing and brainstorming new ideas, with the SuperShes breaking off at one point to conduct their usual workshops.

Roth told Business Insider that she rented out Necker Island for the retreat, which was co-hosted by Branson.

As for Branson, he seems to have enjoyed himself despite Alaska Air announcing three months prior that his brand and airline Virgin America would be retired by 2019. Branson’s Virgin America was acquired by Alaska Air in 2016 for $US2.6 billion and, as of this month, Virgin flights and the airline’s brand are now defunct.

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