Virgin Australia's Frequent Flyer Boss Says Having A Smaller Program Than Qantas Isn't A Bad Thing

Photo: Getty Images

Virgin’s Velocity chief executive Neil Thompson has told The Australian having a smaller frequent-flyer program than the airline’s major competitor Qantas isn’t that bad.

There’s more seats on planes to give members. And while there may be less people, the ones he does have are more engaged, he told the newspaper.

“Scale is good in some respects, but we’re also mindful that there’s always this balance between the number of members you have and the number of seats that they’re chasing.

“So one of our biggest strengths at the moment is actually availability. It’s demonstrably easier to get seats on both us and our partners so we’re seeing strong growth in redemption.

“The balance is important. I’d rather have 5 million highly engaged members than two million out of 10 million engaged.”

Virgin’s Velocity program recently hit 3.7 million members, which is still less than half the size of Qantas’.

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