Virgin Australia will be handing out credits for cancelled flights until 2023 – here’s how they work

Virgin Australia. (Steve Christo)
  • Virgin Australia is handing out travel credits to customers for cancelled flights.
  • The credits, however, only apply to bookings made on or before April 20 this year which were later cancelled.
  • While the credits are available until June 30 2023, you have to make a booking by July 31 2022.
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Virgin Australia is offering travel credits for cancelled flights.

The airline, which was saved from voluntary administration by Bain Capital, is rolling out Future Flight credits for customers whose flights were cancelled during the pandemic. It applies to flight bookings made before April 20 2020 that were later cancelled.

“Because Virgin Australia has been in voluntary administration, we are unable to provide a refund or standard credit for cancelled flights or other services where the booking was made on or before 20 April 2020,” Virgin said on its website.

“However, we’re pleased to provide our guests with a Future Flight credit for these impacted services.”

The credits are valid up to June 30 2023, but customers have to book your flights by July 31 2022. You can even use them for services like extra checked baggage, upgrades or lounge experiences once they’re open.

If you booked your flight directly through Virgin Australia, the credit comes via a Virgin Australia Travel Bank, which is sent by email to customers. If you booked with the now-axed airline Tigerair, you’ll get a credit to use on Virgin Australia services as well.

For those who booked through a travel agent, you’ll have to contact them to get help accessing the credits.

“Virgin Australia is unable to make any changes to a booking that has been created by a travel agent,” the company said on its website. “Any changes (including the use of credits supplied) need to be made directly with your travel agent unless your travel agent provides express authority for Virgin Australia to discuss the booking with you.”

Virgin announced the new flight credit scheme on Twitter, with a cheeky nod to infamous 2-minute noodles it was caught serving to passengers on business class flights.

Passengers on the premium fare flight slammed Virgin for the – ahem – budget meal with one passenger posting a photo of the noodles on Facebook with the caption, “So this is Virgin’s version of business class fare….. good flight, but????,” the Huffington Post reported.

“Forget 2 minutes, how about 2 years?” the airline wrote on Twitter, with the cup of noodles displaying a use-by date of 2022 – the same date as the travel credit booking deadline.

It comes after Virgin announced a policy where passengers could make unlimited booking changes without any extra change fee until January 31 2021 back in September.

After a lifeline from Bain Capital, Virgin revealed its plans to get the airline back on track, which included simplifying its fleet, cutting 3000 jobs and discontinuing its Tigerair service.

More recently, Paul Scurrah resigned as Virgin CEO, being replaced by former Jetstar boss Jayne Hrdlicka.

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