This tiny detail is the only thing that made it worth flying business class from Sydney to Cairns

Photo: Sarah Kimmorley.

I don’t fly business class for the simple fact that I can’t afford it.

But when a work trip offers the experience, I get a little surge of excitement at the thought of the extra legroom, orange juice on arrival and metal cutlery. Simple pleasures.

So when I was presented with a trip from Sydney to Cairns, flying business class with Virgin Australia, I knew the standard was set. I prepared for the little bit of extra TLC, and off I went.

Unfortunately, I was left underwhelmed.

I had set a high benchmark based on past experiences I have had flying in the premium seats with other airlines, such as Qantas and Malaysia Airlines, but Virgin failed to convince me of its worth.

While the two-hour trip was nice and the staff were extra-friendly, the meal was average and the seats were a bit scrappy.

I found myself questioning why people would pay the extra $700. A one-way flight from Sydney to Cairns in economy starts at $199.

But there’s one perk of flying business over cattle class that was a highlight, if not a life-saver when you’re on a business trip and have to work from the plane: the power adapters.

I was working off my iPhone and my laptop, transcribing interviews into articles and both devices were running low on juice.

Normally I’d panic, madly trying to do as much as I can, saving it down every couple of minutes just in case the batteries went flat.

But thankfully business class offers power outlets to charge your electrical products.

The relief was enough for me to reconsider my previous apprehensions.

Would I fly business class for a domestic flight again simply for the charging capabilities? Sure.

If someone else was paying.

* Business Insider traveled with Virgin Australia as a guest of Airbnb.

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