A Virgin Atlantic plane drew a heart-shaped flight path in the sky for Valentine's Day

FlightRadar24The Virgin plane’s flight path.
  • A Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330 made a romantic detour on Wednesday.
  • The plane was on a test flight anyway, and made a diversion to form a heart over Cornwall, southwest England.

Virgin Atlantic marked Valentine’s Day by sending on of its planes on a round-trip to love.

The carrier flew an Airbus A330 along a heart-shaped flight path over the southwestern tip of England around lunchtime on Wednesday, February 14.

The airbus, with callsign VIR850P, took the heart-shaped diversion over the North Atlantic, not far from the town of Penzance.

The path was visible on public air traffic data streams, and could be seen on the tracking website FlightRadar24.

The flight took off from Gatwick Airport, not far from London, and was in the sky on a test flight.

Virgin identified the plane as one it calls Honkytonk Woman, in keeping with the airline’s practice of giving its fleet female names.

A Virgin spokeswoman told Business Insider that the plane was headed over Cornwall anyway, so it was only a small diversion to make the heart shape. There were no passengers on board, only crew.

At the time of writing, the plane was headed back to Gatwick.

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