Virgin Atlantic Can't Quite Explain Why It Let Barclay's CEO Into Cockpit

Virgin Atlantic aeroplane 747 taking off

Photo: Dan Frommer

Britain’s Department of Transport is asking Virgin Atlantic why Barclay’s CEO Bob Diamond was allowed into the cockpit during a flight, reports The Telegraph.Diamond was reportedly allowed to sit in the “jump seat” during the descent and one member of staff joked he had performed a “perfect landing”.

Since 9/11 it has been illegal to allow any passengers into the flight cabin. Diamond has no flying experience.

Unbelievably, the VIP charter flight was also carrying British Prime Minister David Cameron. Virgin Atlantic is investigating th incident.

Bob Diamond has become a controversial figure in the UK, reports The Daily Mail. Nicknamed “Diamond Bob”, his vast bonuses have led to him being called “the unacceptable face of banking”.

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