A viral video shows inside a 500-foot-high glass-bottom swimming pool that hangs over the street

Video footage of a 42-story-high glass-bottom swimming pool is catching fire on social media. The pool is located at the top of Market Square Tower, a high-rise apartment building that opened in Houston, Texas, last November.

The residential building recently posted the footage to their Facebook page, where it has since attracted over 2 million views. Swimmers are protected as they float 500 feet above the ground by 8-inch thick plexiglass, according to International Business Times.

The majority of the pool isn’t so terrifying:

But 10 feet of the pool is cantilevered over the rooftop edge. Here’s a view from below:

Clearly a fan of heights, the luxurious residential building also boasts a Sky Gym, Sky Studio, and Sky Lounge. Prospective dwellers can rent the largest penthouse for $A24,947 a month or a more modest studio for $A2,406.