The Most Viral Photos From The Sochi Olympics

Twitter has released its list of the most viral photos from each day of the Sochi Olympics.

We filtered out the corporate promotional images and photos that were not actually from Sochi (e.g. Bansky Olympics art). What’s left is a series of photos that do a pretty good job of retelling the story of the Winter Olympics.

Day 1: Athletes were beginning to arrive in Sochi. Japanese figure skater Akiko Suzuki tweeted this photo of the Olympic rings.

Day 2: ESPN tweeted this photo of Team USA during the opening ceremony.

Day 3: On day three the problems with the construction at the Sochi Olympics hit a peak when American bobsledder Johnny Quinn got stuck in a bathroom.

Day 4: This photo of Jamie Anderson celebrating her gold medal was the most viral photo of the fourth day.

Day 5: Alex Bilodeau celebrated his gold medal with his brother who has cerebral palsey, leading to this photo.

Day 6: The lack of locker rooms at the hockey rink led to this photo of the Swiss hockey goalie falling off a golf cart.

Day 7: Shaun White took this photo during the opening ceremony but it didn’t go viral until day 7.

Day 8: This fan at the Olympics was having trouble with her camera.

Day 9: Canada rolled over Austria in its second game.

Day 10: TJ Oshie became a household name after single-handedly taking down Russia during a dramatic overtime shootout.

Day 11: This photo of Phil Kessel continued the viral run for ice hockey.

Day 12: Meryl Davis and Charlie White won gold.