These 2 identical photos of a street are going viral on the internet -- here's why

Photo: Imgur

• Two identical pictures seems to look different in this optical illusion.

• They are exactly the same photo, pixel for pixel.

• The perspective seems different because when placed next to each other the roads appear to be forked.

Every so often a new viral sensation stumps the internet.

There has been the blue or black dress, the that brick wall and cigar, those six girls and their five legs, and that pink and white set of drawers, or were they blue and grey?

The latest optical illusion to throw the internet into a frenzy is a post which shows two identical photos of a street side-by-side.

While exactly the same, it looks like the photos were taken from different points on the road.

Since being submitted one day ago, the post has gone viral on Imgur, attracting more than 1.2 million views at the time of writing.

This is the same photo, side by side. They are not taken at different angles. Both sides are the same, pixel for pixel.

It has also been picked up by a user on Reddit with the thread amassing 1,438 comments.

Redditor jerrydisco says, “For me it looks like the roads are going in different directions, like one road forking off. It’s hard to believe the two streets are actually parallel”.

hooklineandsinkr says, “For me my first reaction was the right side was on an angle and the left was more of a straight shot.”

You can see the two photos in the gif below being laid over each other, showing they are in fact identical.

Redditor All-Call explains the phenomenon.

“It’s because the 2 streets come together at the bottom of the pictures,” All-Call says.

“Your brain tries to perceive this as one image with a fork in the road and therefore the street in the picture on the left must be at a different angle than the picture on the right.”

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