This photographer's series on unconventional beauty went viral, and her favourite shot was an accident

Photographer Eva Woolridge, 22, captured women’s unique features for her photo series, “Embrace Your Essence.” The series was originally for a homework assignment, but it unexpectedly went viral.

Woolridge told INSIDER that her favourite piece was of her friend Sana Manejwala, and that it was taken accidentally.

“I never considered myself pretty because my features weren’t what’s considered conventionally pretty. I noticed early on that my bone structure was different,”said Manejwala. “The older I got, I realised how those exact features and my bone structure make me unique. They represent my Indian roots.”

Woolridge wanted to capture Manejwala’s bone structure through lighting, but struggled to get the perfect shot — until she bumped into some of her equipment.

“I got so excited… that I ran into one of the light stands when I was taking the photo,” said Woolridge. “Her face was so relaxed and calm, while her eyes were like mid-reaction.”

Manejwala burst into laughter just a few seconds later, right after Woolridge snapped the picture.

“I literally captured her as her face was about to form into laughter,” the photographer said.

Woolridge’s “Embrace Your Essence” series and her other works can be found on her website, EW Photography.

Story and editing by Alana Yzola

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