A viral photo of a young girl dressed as a nurse and a young boy dressed as a doctor is being called sexist

The Medical Shots/ TwitterThis photo is really angering the internet.
  • The Medical Shots twitter account posted a photo of two children dressed in scrubs. The little girl is designated as the nurse, while the boy is labelled the doctor.
  • Twitter users are calling the photo sexist.
  • Some have edited the photo to label them both simply “medical professionals.”

Twitter users are calling out a viral photo for being sexist and offensive.

The Twitter account Medical Shots, which creates medical and health-related content, posted a picture of two children dressed in scrubs. The little girl is dressed in pink and the back of her shirt reads “Nurse in Training,” while the boy is dressed in green with the words “Doctor in Training” on his back.

Take a look at the tweet below.


The tweet was captioned, “This is cute, isn’t it?” But, the internet was quick to disagree and point out the sexism in the picture. Many questioned why the girl had to be the nurse and not the doctor.

Some even pointed out that they know male nurses and women doctors.


Meanwhile, others are using hysterical memes to express their frustration.

But some edited the picture to make it more appropiate and accurate.


“It’s sexist,” Julietta LaBlanc wrote on Twitter. “You are forcing a ceiling on this young lady’s dreams.”

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