There's now an event encouraging people to 'storm' the Bermuda Triangle and more than 40,000 people have signed up

Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All Of Us/FacebookThe Facebook event was created by Anthony Dominick Carnovale a writer from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • There’s now an event encouraging people to “storm” the Bermuda Triangle.
  • The Facebook event was created by Anthony Dominick Carnovale, a writer from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Carnovale tells INSIDER he was inspired by the plan to “storm” Area 51, but his event is totally different
  • Instead of a joke page, he is now seriously planning to host a festival in Miami, Florida, and raise money for cancer and wildlife research, he said.
  • He wants to be clear – this is not a scam and he really plans on following through.
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What could go wrong: Over 18,000 people have responded to a Facebook event about visiting the Bermuda Triangle. The event, titled “Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All Of Us” was launched earlier this week after a similar page for Area 51 went massively viral.

The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Atlantic Ocean triangulated by Miami, Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where ships and aeroplanes have supposedly gone missing over the years under mysterious circumstances, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Over the years, many theories have arisen to attempt to explain what might be going on in the region. According to NOAA, the Navy and Coast Guard maintain that there is nothing paranormal going on within the Bermuda Triangle.

But the event, which is scheduled for October 1 to 3, isn’t quite what it sounds like, its organiser Anthony Dominick Carnovale, told INSIDER.

“Obviously we’re not gonna rush into the water and start searching for monsters in the Bermuda Triangle,” he said. “The name of the event was more of an attention-grabber”

Carnovale, a writer from Phoenix, Arizona, said that he started the event as a joke, taking inspiration from the Area 51 page that came before it. But after it went viral in less than a week he decided to change the event from meme fodder to a charity festival held in Miami, Florida – as in, one point on the Bermuda Triangle.

Carnovale plans to raise money for cancer and wildlife research, he said. The event’s description links to a GoFundMe of the same title.

“Basically organising a beach party at the tip of the Bermuda triangle,” the GoFundMe states. “Gonna be a safe party and I am going to hire an event organiser to help plan the party and rent boats and hire live music.”

As of Friday afternoon, it had raised $US85 of its $US175,000 goal. Carnovale said that the proceeds of the GoFundMe will be used to cover the costs of the festival, which he hopes will span three days in October. Any leftover money will be donated to the American Cancer Society and the WWF.

Carnovale told INSIDER he was inspired to donate cancer research in honour of his late grandfather, with whom he shares a name, who died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He said was particularly inspired by his grandfather’s work ethic and the lasting relationships he built with his friends and coworkers.

“He would throw the dopest parties every year for all of his friends, so I just thought, ‘I want to start doing that. I want to throw a party for everyone,'” Carnovale said.

Carnovale is seeking charities, bands, comedic acts, and vendors who want to perform at or align themselves with the festival. He says he hopes to raise enough money to pay artists. Currently, one band is on the lineup.

Carnovale has given himself just three months to plan this festival, drawing comparisons to Fyre Festival flavour, though he says it’s not a scam.

“People have been making jokes online that I’m trying to scam people, but why would I do that? Why would I put my public name on record saying that I’m going to do that? Do people think I want to be the most hated person in the US to do this to people?” he said. “Obviously, I’m going to get trolled online. I don’t care.”

It’s not the same as the Area 51 event

As for the Area 51 raid, the original organiser of that event page has come forward, too. Matty Roberts, a man from California, said this event really exceeded his expectations.

“I posted it on like June 27th and it was kind of a joke,” Roberts he told Las Vegas Now. “And then it waited for like three days, like 40 people, and then it just completely took off, out of nowhere. It’s pretty wild.”

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He stressed that the event is not meant to be taken seriously.

“I just thought it would be a funny idea for the meme page,” he said. “And it just took off like wildfire. It’s entirely satirical though, and most people seem to understand that.”

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