One of the most popular services people use to access Netflix overseas is spamming users with demanding ads

House of CardsNetflixUsers claim their ‘House of Cards’ viewing is being dirtied with ads from ViperDNS.

Many people who don’t live in the US use clever get-arounds to access the latest shows and movies on Netflix, which are usually available in the States first.

But one such get-around, an un-blocker called ViperDNS which tricks websites into thinking a user has come from a different region, has started hijacking users’ American Netflix apps with ads.

Instead of seeing the Netflix logo on their PS4s, or the marketing image for “American Horror Story” inside the Apple US Netflix app, users are being presented with text ads that state “to continue streaming US Netflix for free please visit”

Users have been complaining on Twitter and on Reddit that it is hampering their user experience. For some it just makes the apps look ugly, but for others, it is stopping them viewing American Netflix at all. Some people feared their devices, or Netflix, had been hacked.