VIP Wordpress Users Just Got Some Cool New Tools To Play With

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WordPress is now partnering with Uppsite along with eight other services that will enhance the content publishing experience of large-scale sites in’s VIP SaaS Hosting program.

These VIP clients include top media companies, sports leagues and Fortune 500 companies, which in total generate one billion page views each month. The selected services include names like Chartbeat, Wibiya, and Livefyre, as well as Uppsite.

Uppsite is a relatively new service that enables publishers to seamlessly convert their site into a fully-functioning native mobile app across multiple platforms. In addition to the short few minute process of creating the app, Uppsite will also submit the app to the App Store, the Android Market (Google Play), as well as the Windows Phone MarketPlace.

All of that takes place in just a few minutes with zero effort on the part of the publisher.

The app is then completely native and includes features such as push notifications for the publisher to engage with his/her audience by notifying them of new content or announcements.

While there are many plugins and services that take a website and transform it into a mobile app, the result is usually a glorified RSS reader or a simple Web app. In  UppSite’s case, the resulting app includes many features only found in a truly native application such as social sharing and customisable design.

To see the full list of WordPress featured partners, see the WordPress VIP site . Publishers looking to bring their site to a new mobile audience can register for Uppsite by clicking here.

This is a guest post from Hillel Fuld, who is head of Marketing at inneractive. In addition to his marketing activities with inneractive, Hillel works with Appboy, a leading mobile discovery engine on their dynamic web content and brand awareness. You can find Hillel on Twitter here and on Google+ here.

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