Playing Violent Video Games Makes You Feel Less Pain

Video Games

Worried you might be tortured and interrogated soon, but don’t want to break down too quickly?

Well then, better grab a copy of Resident Evil, Doom, Gears of War, or whatever your favourite violent video game happens to be because, as it turns out, it might just help you hold out against pain longer.

Researchers from Keele University have discovered that violent games could potentially be used to help relieve pain.

And no, not all video games have this effect; sports games, for example, don’t increase your pain tolerance.

The study found that volunteers who played violent games could hold their hands in ice-cold water for 65% longer than those who played a non-violent golf game.

They speculate that this is because our minds respond to virtual violence the same way they respond to seeing real violence, thus increasing our heart rate and our pain tolerance as a result.

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