Vinyl records keep getting more popular in the UK

Vinyl record shop
There’s a roaring trade in vinyl records. Flickr/@HayeurJF

The number of vinyl records sold in the UK just keeps increasing, and the sales growth is continuing to beat industry expectations.

Engadget reports that 637,056 vinyl records were sold in the UK between January and March this year. That’s up 62% on the same quarter last year.

The British Phonographic Industry also expects sales to hit 3 million in 2016 — an impressive level for a format long-considered dead by many consumers.

Sales of vinyl records have been exploding in recent years. The market was worth £3 million in 2009, but in 2014 its was estimated to be worth £26 million.

It’s not just small record stores and online distributors that are selling vinyl records — they’re also being stocked in supermarkets. It was announced in December 2015 that British supermarket chain Tesco would stock vinyl records in its stores.

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